Artist Bio:

    Rhye is the collaborative project behind Quadron musicmaker Robin Hannibal and ethereal singer Mike Milosh. Milosh’s voice soars and swoops like a bird playing an updraft. He croons and coos, and sings in a range few men have dared to go. "I have been compared to Sade so many times in the last six years it's kind of lost an effect on me," Milosh says. "I have always had more of an attraction to female vocals, as I like music to have a soothing quality.”

    The two explosively gifted musical minds hit it off instantly and connected on their love of 60's soul music and classical soundtracks to their favorite movies. They connected on the idea that music that could cut straight to the heart and sounds could raise your pulse was all that mattered. No attitudes, no gimmickry, no egos or rockstar posturing; just pure sounds from the soul which resulted in cinematic synth pop soul propelled by airtight grooves, wafting vocals and billowing strings. Rhye is a quiet explosion, a joyful contradiction of bittersweetness and hope, a soundtrack for all things left unsaid, and unfelt. Rhye captures lightning in a bottle, and sets it free again.

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