Arjuna Oakes & Serebii x Even When You're Gone


Arjuna Oakes & Serebii are the newest artists joining the Innovative Leisure family. On August 27, the duo will release their First Nights EP. 

Arjuna & Serebii are based in Wellington, Aotearoa in New Zealand. Serebii is the alias of Callum Mower, an accomplished musician and producer. Arjuna Oakes is an award winning singer/songwriter and producer. Meeting in the summer of 2017, the pair became fast friends and started working on music together.

After years of collaborating indirectly on each other's solo projects, the two decided to knuckle down and complete a project together, perfectly marrying Arjuna’s skills as a songwriter, keys player and vocalist, and Serebii’s skills as a producer and beat maker. The resulting EP is an in-depth musical journey which takes you through feelings of heartbreak, self discovery and acceptance.

Listen to lead single, "Even When You're Gone," now.