Lionel Boy

Lionel Boy


    Artist Bio:

    A mix of pop and alternative with influences from his native home of Hawaii, Lionel Boy, Long Beach based artist and producer, is an emerging force in modern music.

    In the summer of 2018, Lionel went into the studio with two of his close friends Lawrence Castro and Wylan Cabuag (The Bolo Heads), and what started out as fooling around and yelling obscenities into microphones, morphed into a musical
    project under the moniker, ‘Lionel Boy’.

    Recently just signed with label Innovative Leisure following the release of his single Are You Happy Yet?, Lionel is slated to release his debut EP “Who is Dovey?” in June 2020. Recorded at Jazzcats Studio in Long Beach with Jonny Bell, “Who is Dovey?” is a mixed plate of spacey synthesizers and impromptu breakbeats.

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