"urgent, propulsive, and deliciously deviant" - The FADER

"the life and soul of Toronto’s club scene" - i-D

"Bambii brings a unique fusion to everything she creates while also actively speaking out..." Office Magazine

"Bambii turns a melting pot of influences into a throbbing, futuristic heater, where grime bass stabs intertwine with bashment rhythms" Pitchfork

BAMBII releases her debut EP INFINITY CLUB.  Following a streak of successes in this year alone, the Toronto-based DJ, producer and artist organically builds on her already-impressive sonic repertoire. She uses warped dancehall samples, as well as drum'n'bass, jungle, and pop sounds, to encapsulate her idea of an exploratory body of work that connects sounds of the Caribbean diaspora with electronic music, an effort she spoke about at length on The FADER Interview podcast earlier this week.

BAMBII formally welcomes listeners into her imagined club space with layered translations of the opening track's title, "You Are Now Entering the Infinity Club." This trance-inducing intro affirms the EP's intention to connect listeners from around the world, providing a physical and musical place of belonging, while shining a light on her own roots. On "Hooked," the DJ and producer enlists the U.K.'s dreamy electronic vocalist, Aluna, to curate a pop/R&B sound reminiscent of late 90s hits. BAMBII continues to build on the EP's underlying themes of storytelling, revelation, and identity, as she slips into the role of femme fatale on "WICKED GYAL" featuring North London's Lady Lykez later returning to Toronto with "Sydanie's Interlude" featuring fellow Canadian, Sydanie.

Similar to her work on Kelela's Raven, her feature heavy project demonstrates BAMBII's clear knack for showcasing her collaborators' unique talents. Speaking to this she shares, "When I first started, I was very focused on narrowly defining genre and thinking about music in terms of binaries. This project is the very beginning of me trying to tell more complex stories.” Though the uniting similarity between her features continues to be a shared Caribbean ancestry, BAMBII rejects attempts to tokenize and limit her artistic scope. Rather, Infinity Club, is BAMBII's way of asserting that genre is ultimately a social construct. On every track, she takes a left turn and makes an unlikely connection to show that nothing can be essentialized.


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