dadá Joãozinho x Cuidado!

São Paulo based artist João Rocha has announced his debut album as dadá Joãozinho. Unfolding like a genre-agnostic mixtape, tds bem Global (out August 31st) is front-loaded with irresistible and effortless rhythms, careening across musical universes like a psychedelic fever-dream. Lead single “Cuidado!” introduces dadá’s hip hop chops as the analog synth and drum machine track weaves like a commuter in São Paulo during rush hour. “This song is about watching out and taking care of the loved ones around” he explains, “I was dealing with too much moving around, always on transit, and this instability had profound effects on how I was dealing with affection. I realized I needed to be more careful with my people.”

The album title translates to “all too Global,” and chronicles Rocha’s move to the biggest city in South America during a time of intense isolation and toxic politics. Where his previous projects were steeped in Música Popular Brasileira, his new sound “needed to feel more intense,” shoplifting from dub, hip hop, punk, and samba, and inventing a few future styles in the process. While a solo effort, the record features contributions from collaborators new and old, spotlighting the singular artist community Rocha is embedded in.

Pre-order the album or listen to the single.

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