Dendrons x New Outlook II

Chicago-based five-piece, Dendrons are today sharing their new single, "New Outlook II" – it's the latest to be lifted from their forthcoming album, 5-3-8 which is out on August 26. The band has found tips so far for this new effort from FLOOD, Brooklyn  Vegan, Post Trash, CBC Radio, Under the Radar and more.

The new track, "New Outlook II" finds the band tapping into some of their proggier sounds, taking from jungle influences and cutting this with a Krautrock sensibility. The song's lyrical refrains switch between “soon we’ll all be laughing too” and “Distance. Time. New outlook” pitting these around a quick bpm. "It is a continuation of themes explored on the preceding album track, “New Outlook,” explains Dane Jarvie of the band, "how trial and error, personal aesthetics, and every perceived achievement is reduced to comedy with enough passing time. How there is freedom in that. It’s about holding your life loosely."

5-3-8 – titled as a reference to the lyrical refrain that appears at a few points of the album of “fifths, thirds, octaves only” – was recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas and Highland Recording Studio in Phoenix, Arizona; it was produced by Tony Brant and Sonny Di Perri (Protomartyr, DIIV, Nine Inch Nails, Animal Collective, Emma Ruth Rundle, Dirty Projectors) before being mastered at Elysian Sound by Dave Cooley.

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