Following the release of his debut album last year, Hawaiian-born, Long Beach-based songwriter Lionel Boy is back today with  news of two new EPs. The first 'Up at 4' is out April 29th and the second 'Down at 8' is out June 17th via Innovative Leisure. The first single from 'Up at 4', "SHADOWBOXING" is streaming online now. 

Speaking about the track, Lionel Boy said "I’ve been trying to write a song like 'SHADOWBOXING' for a long time. Something that would feel both nostalgic to me and new at the same time. When I first started playing music it was always the guitar riffs that grabbed my attention and I think the same happened with SHADOWBOXING. Growing up in Hawaii, you automatically take things slower. No rush, no worries...until you piss someone off, then they’ll go 0 to 100. We’re both quick to relax and quick to rush in. This song isn’t about one thing in particular, but some observations I’ve made in myself and in those back home. I know a lot of us are just dealing with our own things, fighting our own demons...shadowboxing."