Mapache x Worship The Sun

Back in 2019, we were on tour with Mapache in Europe, and they would occasionally ask us to put "Worship the Sun" in our set.  After a show in Barcelona, where we didn't play the song, they decided to serenade us backstage playing a grungy Eddie Veder-esq take on the tune.  As they were playing, we started to see lightning thru the sky light in the green room.  Shortly after, we tried to leave the Apollo theatre and realized we were in the middle of a monsoon.  The venue had locked concert goers inside as the street turned into a river.  Dumpsters started to float down the street as the water brimmed over the hoods of cars.  It only lasted for about 45 minutes, but it was one of the most intense weather experiences any of us had ever seen.  The next day we worshipped the sun. - The Allah-Las

Mapache's cover of the Allah-Las "Worship The Sun" is available on all DSP platforms: