Maria Chiara Argirò x Byron The Aquarius

Following the release of her critically acclaimed new album Forest City, Maria Chiara Argirò (pronounced ma-REE-ah key-AH-rah r-gee-ROW)
 announces a remix package of some of the album's highlights. First up is the reworking of "Clouds" by Atlanta's electronic funk wizard Byron the Aquarius who has given the ethereal vocal track a dancefloor treatment showcasing their love of classic Chicago & Detroit House.

Byron the Aquarius has worked with the likes of Jeff Mills, Kyle Hall & Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label.

After quietly weaving her way around the UK jazz, classical and electronic worlds Maria has cemented herself as a key player in the capital’s multi-national jazz scene. Maria has released a few solo and collaborative records (Flow was The Guardian’s jazz album of the month and nominated as album of the year in the Jazz Revelations Awards), but on her latest album Forest City it feels like the turning of a page as she liberates herself from the structures of jazz.

On Forest City, Maria found a glistening thread between these movements: where jazz meets Kelly Lee Owens, Jon Hopkins and Radiohead. It’s a concept record, about the “duality of nature and city”, where organic sounds and textures seem to flow above the urban sprawl.

Stay tuned for more Forest City remixes and brand new material from Maria Chiara Argirò.

And check out Forest City among the great records you may have missed earlier this year according to Pitchfork.