Maria Chiara Argirò x Forest City Remixes

Vocalist and jazz trained pianist Maria Chiara Argirò broke onto the electronic scene last year with her breathtaking, jazz infused album Forest City which earned high acclaim from Pitchfork, BBC, The Fader and garnered comparisons to the likes of Thom Yorke and Kelly Lee Owens.  On Forest City, Argirò liberated herself from the structures of jazz while exploring the “duality of nature and city”, where organic sounds and textures seem to flow above the urban sprawl.

Argirò releases a remix package of Forest City singles “Clouds”, “Greenarp” and “Blossom”. For “Clouds” Argirò taps Atlanta's electronic funk wizard Byron the Aquarius. Her ethereal vocal track is given the dancefloor treatment as Byron's influences of classic Chicago and Detroit House are showcased on this midtempo groover.  

For “Greenarp”, Terracassette gives a beat driven broadcast with the cosmic purpose of unifying dancefloors. The remix is a futuristic transmission filtering UK dance music through a prism of dusty analogue sounds, scattering a sonic array of eyes-shut ecstasy over dark, reverent basslines.  

And finally, Cali’s multi-instrumentalist producer Salami Rose Joe Louis (a signee to Flying Lotus’s independent label Brainfeeder) puts her spin on “Blossom”. Drawing influences from jazz, soul, hip-hop, pop, Shuggie Otis, Captain Beefheart, Stereolab, and R. Stevie Moore, Louis creates a blend of experimental dreamy sounds with jazz influenced vocals and keys. The final product is a blend of dreamy textures, ambient sounds, experimental beats and otherworldly jazz.  

Forest City Remixes is available now across all digital platforms.