Nick Waterhouse x Late In The Garden

Nick Waterhouse releases a new visualizer for the single "Late In The Garden" which he describes "This came out quickly, on a gut string Gibson guitar I’d grabbed propped up against a baffle in the studio in Valdosta, Georgia. This is the kind of tune that starts life as a poem in the notebook and as the sessions unfolded and my fingers unconsciously found the rhythmic pocket all of it made as much sense as the epiphany unfolding in the words."

Waterhouse also shared three other new album singles including heartbreak soul tune "Play To Win," which he co-wrote with Doc playing the piano and producer Mark Neill, who both took the artist to a place he had never been in his career before. As well as "Hide And Seek," a song which puts you in the city of dreams that The Fooler unfolds in and the sound is the place. Plus title track "The Fooler," which is about how your own heart and your memories can betray you in really nice ways. 
As depicted in the "Hide and Seek" music video people can dial into Waterhouse's The Fooler radio show on KFLR and request the new songs. Lines are open at (833)777-KFLR.