Iguana Death Cult x Meat Market

On the new single, Meat Market, Iguana Death Cult explain "This angry little ditty about the death of romance is an absolute success during the live shows but we decided to keep it of the record because it felt a little to far away from the other songs." 

"Frenetic, intense sonic assaults, they turn psych punk into astonishingly concise three-dimensional documents." - CLASH

"Iguana Death Cult is one of the most overwhelming bands from Rotterdam." - NOISEY
Nick Waterhouse x Promenade Blue

"Nick Waterhouse is someone you misjudge at your peril." - Clash Magazine

LA-based troubadour Nick Waterhouse takes a spiritual look to the past on new album Promenade Blue due out this Friday on Innovative Leisure and co-produced by Paul Butler (Michael Kiwanuka, Devendra Banhart)In Nick’s musical and lyrical world, blue is a refraction of his life and memories — shadowing a deep, spiritual San Francisco that fostered his musical vocabulary but has now been stamped out irrevocably; evoking the endless tours, marathon recording sessions, and highs and lows of success he’s experienced in his decade-long career; conjuring romances that were doomed, loves that lingered, and hope for future days of parity and partnership; summoning spirits of people who have gone but permeate his mind forever.  The world of Promenade Blue represents rebirth and reinvigoration as well as a clarity of purpose.

De Lux x On & On (Till The End Of Us)

On De Lux’s first two albums the duo tackled the innocence of youth and generational anxiety. Their third album, More Disco Songs About Love, smashed them together to create an ambitious party record about all sorts of stuff you didn’t know you could love. This go-around Sean and Isaac are still funny and profound and their sound remains easy to groove to, but the band is more influenced by the fun 80’s new wave of the Tom Tom Club and the experimentation and imagery of The Clash’s “Sandinista!” than cerebral DFA era disco.

In anticipation of the LA duo’s upcoming fourth album, De Lux are releasing a string of singles and two EPs. The first EP, titled “Uneven”, contains three new songs brimming with a newfound playful confidence that is the result of throwing out the old playbook and embracing the uncomfortable unknown. After writing, performing, recording, and producing three albums themselves, they’ve traded their typically hermetic recording process at their Burbank studio for a more collaborative experience. This time Sean and Isaac invited the members of their live band to record to tape at Jonny Bell’s Jazzcats Studio in Long Beach, CA. While De Lux has always been able to write immediately danceable and quirky pop songs with a strong dose of wit, these recordings get the sonic boost they deserve to match the quality and camaraderie of their intense and acclaimed live performances. 

"On and On (Till the End of Us)" is the first song on the EP. It starts with an unrelenting hiccup of a beat followed by disarming 8 bit beeps and boops before fidgety Chic style guitars and otherworldly strings come in that sound as if they could be the soundtrack to an intergalactic mission to save your home planet from being obliterated. Sean Guerin’s faraway sounding vocals are delivered with an urgency that makes you feel like you’re the world’s last hope.

Nick Waterhouse x Place Names

As Clash reports, Nick Waterhouse unveils a new single, "Place Names," from his upcoming album Promenade Blue.  Waterhouse explains: "'Place Names' is the song I have been writing my entire life.  I wanted to figure out a way to astrally project the listener into all the places and pathways - metropolitan or naturalistic - I could.  Look up at the light of a big sky against a hillside city dotted with lights, the sea rising before you, the street unfolding as you climb up from the subway stairs, all in some dreamy place filled with promise and wisdom it can deliver to you.  Then remember everyone who ever brought beauty into your own life."  Promenade Blue is due out on April 9th, 2021.  Pre-order it here.

Rarelyalways x Baby Buffalo EP

Rarelyalways releases his new EP Baby Buffalo on October 30, 2020

synthesizes his influences while effortlessly carving out a niche for himself - Pitchfork   

"Listen to it yourself to hear how brilliant it is. It made my jaw hit the floor the first time I heard it’” - Billboard 

 "Rarelyalways is about to blow up in a big way. This song is evidence of a master talent at work.”  - Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1 

 “a concise exhibition of his minimalist swagger” - The Fader  

“This guy is FIRE” - Gilles Peterson 

 Impossible to pin down” - Clash 

 one of the best new rappers and lyricists in the UK coming out of the jazz world.” - Phil Taggart   

“exceptional... one of the most unique projects you’ll hear this year” - COLORS 

 “perfect fusion of UK Hip Hop and jazz” - Jamz Supernova