Iguana Death Cult x Artificial Afterlife

Iguana Death Cult release the B-Side to their limited edition 7" vinyl Future Monuments

Artificial Afterlife contemplates over the possibility of assuring life after death by the means of technology. It could be the perfect soundtrack to waking up in a computer generated walhalla where your consciousness got uploaded to. Zuckerberg, if you read this, get in touch.”

Buy the vinyl at Spazz Records in The Netherlands

Iguana Death Cult x Future Monuments

Iguana Death Cult release their new single "Future Moments." March 15th will see the release of "Artificial Afterlife" which is the b side on a 7" by Rotterdam-based label Spazz Records.At the beginning of 2020, everything seemed to be going well for Iguana Death Cult. Their second album Nude Casino was released via Innovative Leisure and received great reviews, a festival summer full of shows was planned with an additional 7 week tour in the United States. Until the pandemic threw a spanner in the works. "When the pandemic started, it took a while before we could motivate ourselves to start making music again. After pulling ourselves out of the creative vacuum, we started looking for a continuation of our musical identity." - Says guitarist Tobias Opschoor."Future Monuments" and "Artificial Afterlife" are the first songs where keyboardist/percussionist Jimmy de Kok was actively involved in the writing process since joining the band in 2019. This involvement has resulted in synth parts being intensely present in both songs, which is new for the band.The new single "Future Monuments" deals with the question who the heroes of our future will be and how fast their statues will get torn down again. Frontman Jeroen Reek explains: “In a world as polarized as this, it’s pretty hard to tell I think. There are a lot of false, yet persuasive messiahs out there preaching their way into the minds of people that are looking for answers, for something to hold on to in this confusing day and age. It’s hard to not fall prey to these charlatans, to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to picking our leaders. This worries us. We made the song sound big and heroic so it feels like a proper epos”"The music video is about the urge to transcend and leave a legacy. Why don't we all become a portrait? Why don't we all quit our jobs and follow our dreams? Why don't we all become statues? It takes guts to stop the wheel we are living in. Despite the fields of concrete, we cannot see beyond one block. Maybe it's time we all went back into the woods." - says Hector Garcia Martin, who made the clip.

Iguana Death Cult x Meat Market

On the new single, Meat Market, Iguana Death Cult explain "This angry little ditty about the death of romance is an absolute success during the live shows but we decided to keep it of the record because it felt a little to far away from the other songs." 

"Frenetic, intense sonic assaults, they turn psych punk into astonishingly concise three-dimensional documents." - CLASH

"Iguana Death Cult is one of the most overwhelming bands from Rotterdam." - NOISEY
Iguana Death Cult x Miami Sun

Iguana Death Cult return with a B-Side that got left off of 2019's Nude Casino.  As the band explains: "Miami Sun was originally written as an epilogue. The song is about going back to sleep, into hibernation, back to the passiveness of winter depression."