Lionel Boy x Flower Girl
Consider the power of the vibe. After all, the power of positive vibes transcends simple categorization or a Sopranos meme. A good vibe is a cool breeze and ice cream on a sweltering afternoon. It is the athlete whose sixth sense and unselfishness makes everyone on the court play better. It is those Bob Ross videos where with a gentle voice and a few quick brush strokes, the painter conjures arcadian beauty. Good vibes are something that the modern world desperately needs. Enter Lionel Boy and his new single “Flower Girl'' released today via Innovative Leisure. The song’s cool and melodic bass lines slow things down, creating a mood that allows you take a deep breath and simply enjoy the moment. Lionel Boy tells us “This was the first track that Jonny and I worked on. It’s about watching someone close to you become who they’re meant to be. I get to witness my partner grow everyday and succeed in places that bring her joy. It feels a lot like watching a flower blossom. She’s my flower girl.”
Lionel Boy x Lost (Live)

"Crazy to think it’s been two years into this Lionel Boy project. This was the first song I wrote for the EP, and to think it was all for fun, a joke even. Funny how things work out when you’re having a good time. I’m blessed to have such a great team helping bring all this to light. Thanks for listening and tuning in. Got a lot for ya in 2021." - - Lionel Boy

Lionel Boy x Are You Happy Yet? (Live)

"It's easy to get lost in the mix. I check myself often and ask "are you happy yet Lionel Boy?"

Buuut then I realize I'm just tripping and talking to myself again.

Side note: I did finish recording my first full length where we can all listen to me, talk to me, together. 2021" - - Lionel Boy

Lionel Boy x Lately (Live)

Who Is Dovey?:

Track: "Lately"

Artist: Lionel Boy

Band: Guitar: Nathan Hawelu

Drums: Nick Hawelu

Bass: Jonny Bell

Keys: Sarah Hinez

Sax/Flute: Tim Cummins

Video Production: Lit & Directed by Basil Vargas DP: Leo Cabal B Cam: Kevin Jay Fernandez Producer: Casey Liu

Audio: Jazzcats Records

Type Treatment: Christian Gonzalez

Lionel Boy x Lately (Video)

Lionel Boy releases a video for "Lately" off his EP Who Is Dovey?  When asked about the video, Lionel had this to say: "Two summers ago, Casey (Lui Liu) and I drove up the Oregon coast to visit some friends in Seattle. We documented our drive with the intention of making a music video for a completely different project but the clips didn't end up working. Nearly a year later, when I had just finished demoing "Lately" from home, Casey decided to mess around with the old footage to the song. She threw up a 20-second clip on Instagram for fun that we pretty much forgot about until the single‘s release this past June. With not much else to do on lock down, we decided to play around one more time. We had all of these random clips of Casey running or kicking sand and I guess I spent 5 minutes filming a flying kite. When we found a way to fit them into the video, it was a really accomplished feeling. We were such different people on that trip and yet, I guess not much has changed. What we ended up with was a visual representation of the moments that make up a great trip."