dadá Joãozinho x Ô Lulu

São Paulo based artist João Rocha shares the second single, "Ô Lulu" from his upcoming debut album as dadá Joãozinho. Unfolding like a genre-agnostic mixtape, tds bem Global (out Sept 1st) is front-loaded with irresistible and effortless rhythms, careening across musical universes like a psychedelic fever-dream. 

The (upcoming) album title translates to “all too Global,” and chronicles Rocha’s move to the biggest city in South America during a time of intense isolation and toxic politics. Where his previous projects were steeped in Música Popular Brasileira, his new sound  “needed to feel more intense,” shoplifting from dub, hip hop, punk, and samba, and inventing a few future styles in the process. While a solo effort, the record features contributions from collaborators new and old, spotlighting the singular artist community Rocha is embedded in. 

"Ô Lulu" rides a dubby acoustic groove peppered by organ stabs, hand drums and glancing guitar ballistics, like if Arthur Russell and Lee Perry co-owned a recording studio. It’s a euphoric comedown compared to the bombast of lead single  “Cuidado!” which Remezcla described as “a dazzling collage of baile funk, hip-hop, and jazz that runs on an adrenaline rush fit for a cinematic heist scene.” Watch the videos for both singles below, which feature stunning scenes of dadá across São Paulo. 

As Fader puts it: 

"With its assemblage of slouched vocals sparkly electronic flourishes, and breezy guitar, “Ô Lulu” is as laid back as it is endlessly replayable."