Rarelyalways x Manic EP

Rarelyalways released his brilliant "Baby Buffalo" EP last October to critical acclaim.  Pitchfork praised the Hackney raised jazz musician, producer and vocalist for carving out a niche of his own, whilst Billboard, amongst others, boldly predicted big things on the horizon.  Fast forward 6 months and "Manic" provides further evidence of his distinctive style and flavor.  Produced by Hanni El Khatib, grime, trip hop; jazz effortlessly intermingle with his unique, skeletal flow.  First single "Lamenting" echoed the importance of community support, and second single "Hungry" was written in his final years at secondary school, in the aftermath of the Mark Duggan shooting.  The EP is completed by rush hour inspired title-track "Manic" and sentimental opener "Careful."

"Manic" EP is out now via Innovative Leisure. 

Interview with Rarelyalways up on Roland.