De Lux x They Call This Love

"As a lover of music and skateboarding, I thought They Call This Love would be a great song to mesh the two worlds. I've picked up skating again for the past 2 years and have met incredible people. Grabbed some of them for a session in downtown LA, as well as a bunch of high schools and notable spots.  Skateboarding is so community based that it felt good to just go out with everyone and have an adventure. The song is about love, the ups and downs, the good and bad, and the hard work it requires. Landing a trick after 40 tries in 90 degree heat only to have all your buds there to cheer you on, I think represents love in so many ways." - Sean Guerin of De Lux 

De Lux is out with a new single ("They Call This Love") today in anticipation of their upcoming "Do You Need A Release."