Tijuana Panthers x Socks La Vida (Live)

Tijuana Panthers perform "Socks La Vida" from their 2020 EP Pull The Chute...socially distanced for now.

Tijuana Panthers x Pull The Chute

"Pull The Chute," a new EP by Tijuana Panthers is out now.

Tijuana Panthers x Socks La Vida
Grab your socks and tune in for the video for this brand new Tijuana Panthers jam. New EP titled Pull the Chute is set to release on May 8th, 2020.
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Tijuana Panthers x Current Outfit

The Tijuana Panthers drop a new single titled "Current Outfit," in anticipation of their upcoming EP Pull The Chute (May 8th).  In lieu of any live shows during this time of quarantine, the group has taken to their confines to put together a "live" performance of the track on the Deter Jivers "Carpet Denim Theatre."