Maston x Ghost

In 2018, composer/producer Frank Maston was living in Paris, working on new music when he was introduced to Geneva based band L’Eclair. Blown away by what he heard, there seemed to be a mutual understanding and appreciation for that loungey, groovy world of library and soundtrack music from the seventies. An immediate thought occurred to him - what if he could record with this simpatico group backing him up?

The result is the colorful and kinetic album Souvenirout September 10 on Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos (the label of Cali band Allah Las).

The new single, “Ghost," is centered around a descending chord progression, with cryptic lyrics sung in falsetto. It has an air tight rhythm section, synthesizer acrobatics, a catchy melody and two solo sections. It was one of the first songs written for the record and the music was recorded in one take. The song is both reflective and optimistic, and all around a feel good tune."

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