Maria Chiara Argirò x Greenarp

“I think she’s gonna blow your mind” BBC’s Maryanne Hobbs

"a clubby departure for Argirò, trading in clever chord changes for a hypnotic beat & swelling synth pads." FADER

“In a month all your cool friends will talk about Maria Chiara Argirò” Rolling Stone (IT)

"The trained pianist sublimely fuses the jazz and electronic music worlds, creating sprawling compositions that marry her poetic lyrics, looped vocals, and intricate rhythms." FLOOD

“...a seemingly effortless blend of electronic elements with dance beats and a chocolate fudge swirl of jazz trumpet, this builder commands center stage. Play it loud for a weekend catharsis” KCRW

Multi-instrumentalist and trained pianist Maria Chiara Argirò has released her textural and  emotional new single “Greenarp”. Her forthcoming album and Innovative Leisure debut, Forest City, sees its release on May 6th, 2022 and is Argirò’s first full venture into electronic production. 

“‘Greenarp’ is about experiencing a beautiful natural scene and a reoccurring dream of being in nature,” she reveals. “The dream is blurred together with the reality of waking up with, almost, at the end of the song - not knowing what’s real. I wrote the instrumental part mainly on my organelle arpeggio synth as I wanted to create an abstract sound layered with detuned synths into the production, in order to create a blurred and uncertain dreamlike soundscape.”

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Mapache x You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

Mapache — the Los Angeles-based duo of Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch who deliver “a groove so strong you can basically hear the sunshine” (NPR Music) - share their vibey instrumental version of Stevie Wonder’s classic “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.” The track comes from their new covers EP 3, out next Friday on November 19 via Innovative Leisure. Mapache’s version of the Stevie standard radiates a hazy warmth, showcasing the duo’s intricate acoustic pickings atop a warped surf organ and a beachy percussive pulse.

“If the Everly Brothers cruised back from a high desert road trip and landed at County Line beach and cracked a beer to watch the sunset – you’d have these guys...Mapache’s chemistry is undeniable and their creative circle seems to be flourishing.” KCRW

“Quintessentially laid-back. This is Sunday morning music, best experienced within walking distance of Big Sur or Joshua Tree.” UNCUT

“Medicine for the soul.” — Shindig

“Angelic harmonies weaving somewhere between traditional folk and modern cosmic country music. These songs are inspired by everything from Mexican boleros, to Bakersfield twang, to lonesome cowboy campfire tunes.” — FLOOD

Maston x Ghost

In 2018, composer/producer Frank Maston was living in Paris, working on new music when he was introduced to Geneva based band L’Eclair. Blown away by what he heard, there seemed to be a mutual understanding and appreciation for that loungey, groovy world of library and soundtrack music from the seventies. An immediate thought occurred to him - what if he could record with this simpatico group backing him up?

The result is the colorful and kinetic album Souvenirout September 10 on Innovative Leisure / Calico Discos (the label of Cali band Allah Las).

The new single, “Ghost," is centered around a descending chord progression, with cryptic lyrics sung in falsetto. It has an air tight rhythm section, synthesizer acrobatics, a catchy melody and two solo sections. It was one of the first songs written for the record and the music was recorded in one take. The song is both reflective and optimistic, and all around a feel good tune."

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And pre-order Souvenir

Lionel Boy x Neighborhoods (FLOOD)

Lionel Boy performs "Tides" from his self-titled release down on a boat in the harbor of Long Beach, CA.

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Listen to Lionel Boy "Lionel Boy."

Classixx & Local Natives x Weekends

Premiered by Pitchfork, "Weekends" is a collaboration between LA's Classixx & Local Natives.  Another collaborative single will come shortly.  

“These two songs were made as a collaboration in the true sense of the word,” Classixx said in a statement. “We met the Local Natives guys at a wedding in Mexico and immediately connected. They’re such a vibrant live band and it was important to us that their musicianship and vocal harmony came through. The tunes were a group effort and it was a privilege to work on them together, it felt like being a part of a small community.”

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