Peel x Citizen X

Peel’s innovative and emotional debut masters the integration of melodic synths and psych as it shape-shifts from one song to the next. Just ahead of the EP’s release, due October 16th on Innovative Leisure, Peel reveal their ethereal single “Citizen X” which also is set to appear on FIFA’s 2021 Soundtrack.

Peel’s Isom Innis explains, “Citizen X was an outlier to our usual stream of conscious lyric writing process— the framework began more conceptually. It has a tongue in cheek tone and is coming from a disillusioned place. Originally, it was a slower shoe-gaze inspired track, but Sean had the idea to re-imagine it, speed it up and really emphasize the groove and treat the guitar more like Robin Guthrie [Cocteau Twins].”

And as Clash writes: "Subtle but striking, 'Citizen X' is testament to the pair's absorbing creativity."