Nick Waterhouse x Place Names

As Clash reports, Nick Waterhouse unveils a new single, "Place Names," from his upcoming album Promenade Blue.  Waterhouse explains: "'Place Names' is the song I have been writing my entire life.  I wanted to figure out a way to astrally project the listener into all the places and pathways - metropolitan or naturalistic - I could.  Look up at the light of a big sky against a hillside city dotted with lights, the sea rising before you, the street unfolding as you climb up from the subway stairs, all in some dreamy place filled with promise and wisdom it can deliver to you.  Then remember everyone who ever brought beauty into your own life."  Promenade Blue is due out on April 9th, 2021.  Pre-order it here.


Following years of collaborations and production for others, JIMMY EDGAR makes his return to solo work with his new album CHEETAH BEND, due out on February 26 via Innovative Leisure, the label also responsible for his recent J-E-T-S output with Machinedrum. Recorded over the past few years in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and beyond, it draws as much upon his vibrant 15+ year discography as a producer on the bleeding edge of electronic music as it does his burgeoning ubiquity in rap circles. Coming eight years after Majenta, the album improbably synthesizes what might seem like disparate styles, unspooling fresh perspectives and glistening sound design that flaunts genre rules while respecting genre spirit. “The value I bring is hybridization,” Jimmy explains of his approach. “I think about different universes of sound coming together to create an entirely new domain of knowing.”  Check out the latest single, "PAUSE," from the upcoming album with features Matt Ox.

Classixx x Local Natives x Francesca

Classixx followed up their latest "Weekends" with another collaborative track with Local Natives entitled "Francesca."  As Michael David & Tyler Blake of Classixx explain it "Francesca is a song that we've always wanted to make. Bright poly synths, big resonant drums and an anthemic vocal stack. When Kelcey first sang the verse and chorus melodies softly at a piano, it felt like our opportunity to go for it. It took us a while to finish Francesca. The framework came together quickly but we really took our time with every sound and section. I'm not sure if comes across as a carefully crafted production, but I do feel triumphant when I hear it because it really sounds like the song we always imagined."  This single is the second from a 2 song EP that's available now.  Read more about it at The Line of Best Fit.

Alex Maas x The City (Official Video)

"'The City' is a sort-of meditative and melancholic reflection of Americana.  The video was shot as the director independently travelled across the U.S.A.  The director tried to capture the mundanity and nostalgia of present day America on her 3000 mile journey." - Laura-Lynn Petrick (Video Director)
All the watchmen on the tower are sleeping
and the men have all gone home
now that's a city that's ripe for the taking
and behind the castle's walls the children playing
as the army plots their position
all the watchmen on the tower are sleeping
and the men have all gone home
now that's a city that's ripe for the taking
and someone took it for the love of taking
all the many broken bones the people dying
all the many burning homes the women cryin
now that's a city that's ripe for the taking
and someone took it, now it's yours for the taking
all the watchmen on the tower are sleeping
and the men have all gone home as the army starts advancing
now that's a city that's ripe for the taking
ya thats a city that's ripe for the taking
now that's ripe for the taking
now that's our city now that's our city
thats been taken - Alex Maas (Lyrics)
Lionel Boy x Lost (Live)

"Crazy to think it’s been two years into this Lionel Boy project. This was the first song I wrote for the EP, and to think it was all for fun, a joke even. Funny how things work out when you’re having a good time. I’m blessed to have such a great team helping bring all this to light. Thanks for listening and tuning in. Got a lot for ya in 2021." - - Lionel Boy