Rarelyalways x Lamenting


"It made my jaw hit the floor the first time I heard it" - BILLBOARD

"Rarelyalways is about to blow up in a big way”  - MATT WILKINSON (APPLE MUSIC 1)

“a concise exhibition of his minimalist swagger”  - FADER

Initially premiered through Wonderland.

You might hear hints of great British one-offs like Tricky, Roots Manuva, even a more laid-back Dizzee Rascal as grime, trip hop & jazz intermingle in Rarelyalways sound which is further evident on the new single and forthcoming EP produced by Hanni El Khatib.

"Who feels it knows it I’d say, many people have been unwell during the infamous year of 2020 to present, and whether you agree or not, I strongly believe not all health conditions are visible. The lead single ‘LAMENTING’ echoes the importance of community support; humans are not immune to bad days or vulnerability." 


Tijuana Panthers x Socks La Vida (Live)

Tijuana Panthers perform "Socks La Vida" from their 2020 EP Pull The Chute...socially distanced for now.

De Lux x Uneven EP

De Lux release a new EP entitled Uneven with the focus track "What's Life."  Fun little fact about this song, was originally written for the latest Bill and Ted movie, but it was not chosen. And hey, that’s life.

Expect more to come this year from De Lux.

Shines Like The Sun x Levitation Sessions

Alex Maas's new live LEVITATION SESSIONS album is streaming worldwide. New video for "Shines Like The Sun" released too!
The live session LP brings the songs from his acclaimed new solo album, Luca, plus 3 brand new tracks recorded in historic Bastrop, Texas.
De Lux x Somethings Never Break

In anticipation of the LA duo’s upcoming fourth album, De Lux are releasing a string of singles and two EPs. The first EP, titled “Uneven”, contains three new songs brimming with a newfound playful confidence that is the result of throwing out the old playbook and embracing the uncomfortable unknown.

The second single from the EP - "Something’s Never Break" is about old habits dying hard. The lyrics tow the line between earnesty and irony throughout the song, making you wonder if they’re sung with a wink or a nod. The band’s special brand of cheeky social commentary rewards the listener with some of their best one liners:

“I hope one day/I can make enough money/So I can have an opinion/And I don't have to fake it.”

It’s got a trance inducing off kilter synth intro and guitars that sound like they’re melting in slow motion as vocalist Sean Guerin puts on a character that sounds like an extension of the sort of musical theatre he performed in past songs like "Oh Man the Future" and "Music Snob." While his character can’t seem to change his life, the song might change yours.