Mapache x Swinging Stars

Swinging Stars is an intriguing entry in Mapache's catalog. More than any of their previous releases, it highlights the individual characteristics of each songwriter, relying on their natural chemistry to glue things together” - All Music
“Their cosmic, carefree Californian country-folk seeds and sprouts from Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch’s close harmonies and sun-bleached guitar melodies, everything geared towards good vibes” - FADER

Mapache release their dynamic and ambitious fifth album Swinging Stars - an LP of calm, second-nature swagger, cosmic folk filled with distinct styles and the band's most cohesive album yet.

In connection with the new album, the band releases a new video for single, "Sammy Boy," which uses footage from a live performance in San Luis Obisbo during a 2023 tour.

The band are on tour this Fall with new dates added on the West Coast in November (all dates in the flyer below).

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Serebii x Lost Your Breath

Serebii shares a live performance of the new single "Lost Your Breath" from the forthcoming project Inside.

Inside is the debut solo album from Kiwi composer, producer, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist Serebii. Having mostly worked on collaborative projects in the past, the record reflects his innate connection with music as a vehicle for communication and expression. For Serebii, ‘Inside’ is an introspective body of work and an invitation for listeners to take a glimpse inside the artist’s musical prowess. Written, recorded, and mixed himself in 2022, it was birthed between the artist’s home studio in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and his travels in Germany. Following hypnotic first offering "Really You" and tender second single "±," Serebii unveils gorgeous new track "Lost Your Breath.  The artist had this to say on it:

"This song is a gift to my youngest brother in hope that It would help him confront a family member that died in his presence, I wrote the song from his experience.  I wanted it to feel gentle and warm while having a blunt narrative.” 

Read more about Serebii in a METAL Magazine interview here.

Allah-Las x Sky Club

Los Angeles-based Allah-Las are set to unveil their much-anticipated album, Zuma 85, on October 13.   Now they reveal a new taste of the album via “Sky Club,” an anthemic and electronic boogie. A decidedly 70s art-rock drum beat and lightly flanged guitars open up in the “Sky Club,” which bounces along casually before blasting off into foreign lands on a ship headed for the beginning of creation.  Synthesized intergalactic transmissions fly in and out of the track as we hear the story of the night Allah Las met the great grandfather of humanity. 

Zuma 85 is being released via the band’s own label, Calico Discos, in partnership with Innovative Leisure, which released earlier defining statements from the band including the eponymously named Allah-Las (2012) and Worship The Sun (2014).  The band has previously shared  “Right On Time '' which MXDWN labeled “surreal” and The Stuff” and Austin Town Hall noted, “You can’t deny that the band still have the effortless cool locked in here" and Buzzbands LA said, “They’re calling it a reinvention, and one only needs to hear ‘The Stuff,’ to hear their songwriting engine change gears."  The tracks have seen support from Under The Radar, Brooklyn Vegan and Ghettoblaster, among others. 

This fall, as Allah-Las tours the UK, Europe, and the US, fans can expect to hear new tracks from Zuma 85 alongside their all-time favorites.  The US run kicks off on October 23 in Phoenix, AZ and concludes November 18 in San Francisco, CA with more dates to be announced.  They will play at Lodge Room in Los Angeles on November 15 (with Mirror Tree and Kolumbo as support) and November 16 (with Tim Hall and Sam Burton as support).  All announced shows are listed below and tickets are available here

On Zuma 85, Allah-Las embrace the influences of late-era Lou Reed and John Cale, the ‘70s mutant pop of Peter Ivers and early Eno and Roxy Music.  The pandemic-included downtime opened up space for the band members to focus on their own lives and interests, and the time to re-envision what creative processes could look like.  When it came time to reconvene, a sense of looseness proved pivotal. Instead of bringing finished songs to the studio, they entered the picturesque Panoramic House recording in Stinson Beach with sketches, ideas, and riffs. Working with co-producer Jeremy Harris (White Fence, Devendra Banhart, Ty Segall) they shaped and crafted the new songs in real time over three sessions, which were then mixed in Los Angeles by frequent collaborator Jarvis Taveniere (Woods, Avalanches, Purple Mountains).

For the last 15 years, Allah-Las alchemically melded surf rock washes with folk rock jangle and rock, building up their lauded music podcast, Reverberation Radio, and record label, Calico Discos, in the process. A lot has changed since the group first bonded over psych rock vinyl in the back room at Amoeba Records in the late aughts and Zuma 85 finds the quartet facing a new world with a wealth of new sounds.  

Allah-Las are Matthew Correia (drums/vocals), Spencer Dunham (bass, guitar, vocals), Miles Michaud (guitar, organ, vocals), and Pedrum Siadatian (guitar, synth, vocals).

dadá Joãozinho x Pai e Mãe

"Each song offers a different look at Joãozinho’s singular talent, and on “Pai e Mae” the artist introduces an entrancing samba with delightful lo-fi effects that meld with a renegade organ sound and the pulsing underbelly of bass-heavy percussion. The concoction is at once alien and delightfully inviting." - FLOOD Magazine

"A pretty common misconception about samba is that the music rarely goes beyond its limits. However, in the hands of visionaries like dadá Joãozinho, it can become something otherworldly. Take “Pai E Mãe,” a song deeply rooted in the Brazilian genre that twists it gently to give it an experimental edge. By adding pop melodies and glitchy production, Joãozinho elevates the track into something weird yet warm and catchy.  The song addresses some difficult times the singer had during his youth, and how he channels it through music is nothing short of superb, cathartic, and beautiful." - Remezcla 
“Paying homage to samba and bossa styles, Joãozinho sets modern production elements to his work by sampling the band he assembled, tearing it up, then chopping and flipping the arrangements” - KCRW
"With its assemblage of slouched vocals sparkly electronic flourishes, and breezy guitar, “Ô Lulu” is as laid back as it is endlessly replayable." - The FADER

São Paulo based artist João Rocha has shared “Pai e Mãe,” the third and final preview of his upcoming debut album as dadá Joãozinho. Where lead single “Cuidado!” flexed his hip-hop chops with invigorating bombast, “Pai e Mãe” is sweetly melodic, infusing classic Brazilian samba with experimental flourishes. It’s another excellent preview of tds bem Global, out Sept 1st, an album that unfolds like a genre-agnostic mixtape, front-loaded with irresistible and effortless rhythms, careening across musical universes like a psychedelic fever-dream. 

On the video Rocha explains “For this samba, that carries so much of our music’s tradition, and still sounds fresh, I wanted to strip things down and communicate through the rawness of the body language. Had my parents join the studio session, that was an emotional moment. I wrote this song about an episode we lived together, so it was a closing cycle to have them. This minimalist work in video expands the meanings of the album for me, that sometimes sounds so massive. Put things in a new perspective.”

"urgent, propulsive, and deliciously deviant" - The FADER

"the life and soul of Toronto’s club scene" - i-D

"Bambii brings a unique fusion to everything she creates while also actively speaking out..." Office Magazine

"Bambii turns a melting pot of influences into a throbbing, futuristic heater, where grime bass stabs intertwine with bashment rhythms" Pitchfork

BAMBII releases her debut EP INFINITY CLUB.  Following a streak of successes in this year alone, the Toronto-based DJ, producer and artist organically builds on her already-impressive sonic repertoire. She uses warped dancehall samples, as well as drum'n'bass, jungle, and pop sounds, to encapsulate her idea of an exploratory body of work that connects sounds of the Caribbean diaspora with electronic music, an effort she spoke about at length on The FADER Interview podcast earlier this week.

BAMBII formally welcomes listeners into her imagined club space with layered translations of the opening track's title, "You Are Now Entering the Infinity Club." This trance-inducing intro affirms the EP's intention to connect listeners from around the world, providing a physical and musical place of belonging, while shining a light on her own roots. On "Hooked," the DJ and producer enlists the U.K.'s dreamy electronic vocalist, Aluna, to curate a pop/R&B sound reminiscent of late 90s hits. BAMBII continues to build on the EP's underlying themes of storytelling, revelation, and identity, as she slips into the role of femme fatale on "WICKED GYAL" featuring North London's Lady Lykez later returning to Toronto with "Sydanie's Interlude" featuring fellow Canadian, Sydanie.

Similar to her work on Kelela's Raven, her feature heavy project demonstrates BAMBII's clear knack for showcasing her collaborators' unique talents. Speaking to this she shares, "When I first started, I was very focused on narrowly defining genre and thinking about music in terms of binaries. This project is the very beginning of me trying to tell more complex stories.” Though the uniting similarity between her features continues to be a shared Caribbean ancestry, BAMBII rejects attempts to tokenize and limit her artistic scope. Rather, Infinity Club, is BAMBII's way of asserting that genre is ultimately a social construct. On every track, she takes a left turn and makes an unlikely connection to show that nothing can be essentialized.


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