De Lux x Dancing in LA
De Lux have released a new track available on all digital platforms. In the words of the band - "Right before the shutdown was announced in LA because of COVID-19, a bit before social distancing became mainstream and bars were still open, I went out dancing. There were about 10 people. It felt pretty eerie, especially for a spot so heavily crowded usually. So during quarantine stuck in a studio, decided to write 'Dancing Is Dangerous In Los Angeles', which was inspired by that experience"
Tijuana Panthers x Socks La Vida
Grab your socks and tune in for the video for this brand new Tijuana Panthers jam. New EP titled Pull the Chute is set to release on May 8th, 2020.
Jonah Yano x Pigeons & Planes
Jonah Yano is among April's Best New Artis round-up at Pigeons & Planes.  Yano explains the inspiration for his new song "shoes" and discusses his upcoming record, souvenir.
Cool Hunting has premiered the latest single off Hanni El Khatib's forthcoming album FLIGHT (due out May 15th). The song, DUMB, is based around an 808 bass sound and vocal sample and is produced by Leon Michels of El Michels Affair. Check the interview and the song up at Cool Hunting.
iL x YouTube
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